Bloomington lecture: Assessing Erdoğan’s Antisemitism: Between Obsession and Manipulation

18 April 2014, 7pm, Swain East 140, Bloomington Assessing_Erdoğan s_Antisemitism
Lecture by Günther Jikeli, sponsored by the Indiana University Ottoman and Modern Turkish Studies Chair.


Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s paranoia and authoritarianism[:] in domestic politics, his leaning towards radical Islam, and his support of radical Islamist groups are embedded in his antisemitic world views. His obsession with Jews and Israel meets increasingly widespread opinions in Turkish society.
The consequences of antisemitism from the highest level of government are felt in Turkish society, Jewish communities, Israel, and international relations in the Middle East in general.

Whereas obsessions are usually contained by realpolitik, Erdoğan’s policies are driven by obsession. Islamist ideology and antisemitic conspiracy theories are at its core.