Paris: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM “European Muslims’ Perceptions of the Holocaust in Paris

2-4 June 2010

Conference Program

The symposium brought together scholars, educators and other experts who have dealt with the issue of European Muslims’ perceptions of the Holocaust in one way or another or whose expertise adds to a further understanding of the backgrounds of how European Muslims are informed about the Holocaust.
It became clear, once again, that European Muslims are far from being a homogeneous group. The factors of influence on European Muslims’ perceptions of the Holocaust need further exploration. In addition to relevant factors of the general population in Europe, some specific factors emerged, such as the discourses about the Holocaust in the countries of origin and communities and also respective discourses about Jews; views of the Holocaust are influenced by views of Jews and vice versa.
For an understanding of European Muslims’ perception of the Holocaust it is important to take the history of Holocaust remembrance in Europe and in the countries of origin into account.