Tel Aviv: Vortrag – Attitudes toward Jews Among Muslim Communities in France and Germany, Gunther Jikeli

Conference: Europe, Germany and Contemporary Antisemitism
March 15, 2015 at the Bnei Zion auditorium

During the last few years antisemitism is on the rise in Europe. Violent manifestations and physical assaults against Jewish citizens became commonplace. Even more significant, is the sharp rise of the public anti-Semitic discourse. It seems that it has become a ‘bon-ton’ to be anti-Semitic, sometimes camouflaged by sophisticated use of language. But, should contemporary antisemitism be considered as a ‘Jewish problem’ only? Or is it a reflection of inherent problems of today’s Europe?[:]

We plan to concentrate on the EU States in general, and on Germany in particular. The role of antisemitism in the quest of contemporary European and national identities will be the substance of the deliberations. We will focus on the reasons that cause different groups to adopt antisemitism.

During the conference we intend to analyze the many facets of contemporary antisemitism and its representation in the public sphere, in the media, among politicians, in different social strata, in educated circles, and among minorities.[:]

9:00-9:20 Greetings:

Prof. Dina Porat – Head of the Kantor Center

Dr. Walter Klitz – Head of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty

Prof. Julius Schoeps – Head of the Moses Mendelssohn Center.

9:20-10:10: Chair: Dr. Haim Fireberg

Europe and Nationalism: Past, Present and Future – Prof. Yossi Shain

10:20-11:10 Chair: Dr. Walter Klitz

German Society and the Language of Contemporary Antisemitism – Prof. Monika Schwarz-Friesel

Coffee Break

11:30-12:20 Chair: Dr. Roni Stauber

The Role of Xenophobia and Antisemitism in German Society in an Era of Social Transition – Prof. Andreas Zick

12:30 – 13:00: Chair: Günther Jikeli

Discrimination and Hate Crimes against Jews in Germany; A Review Based on FRA Report – Dr. Olaf Glöckner

Lunch break

14:30-15:00 Chair: Dr. Rafi Vago

The Wilkomirski Syndrome: On the longing and the burning desire to be transformed into a “Jewish” victim – Prof. Julius Schoeps

15:10-17:30 Chair: Dr. Esti Webman

Attitudes towards Minority Groups in Different Societies, a Comparative View

Jews, Politicians: The Politics of Antisemitism in Germany – Lars Rensmann
Attitudes toward Jews Among Muslim Communities in France and Germany – Günther Jikeli
Governmental and Societal Attitudes towards Antisemitism of Muslims in Britain and Germany – Matthias Küntzel
Attitudes towards Minorities among Students in Germany – Pia Lamberty Coffee Break

17:45 -19:30 Chair: Prof. Dina Porat

Round Table – Europeanism and the Future of European Jewry

Prof. Dina Porat [Chair], Prof. Yossi Shain, Prof. Monika Schwarz-Friesel, Prof. Lars Rensmann, Prof. Julius Schoeps, Prof. Andreas Zick
Conference Program Europe, Germany and Contemporary Antisemitism