Webinar: Postcolonial Views on Antisemitism: South Africa as an example

10 December 2021, 2:00 pm Berlin Time / 3:00 pm South African Time

hosted by International Institute for Education and Research on Antisemitism (IIBSA) and Amadeu Antonio Foundation (AAS).

The event will be held in English and streamed live on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPx0Ym7MN9M


Karen Milner, South African Jewish Board of Deputies
Klaas Mokgomole, Africans for Peace
Benji Shulman, South African Zionist Federation

The event will focus on antisemitism and the living conditions of Jews in South Africa, as well as the role of South Africa as a reference point for global antisemitism. In recent years, antisemitic boycott campaigns have been repeatedly legitimized internationally through the example of South Africa, and apartheid in South Africa. 
What does this mean for South Africa and its Jews today? How is antisemitism and racism articulated in South Africa today? What role does the survival of the colonial past play in dealing with it? How does antisemitism affect the Jews in South Africa today?

We want to discuss these and other questions at our online event.

The question of the relationship between postcolonial perspectives and antisemitism has triggered numerous debates. The recurring issue is the extent to which perspectives that locate themselves postcolonially argue antisemitically. We want to turn the question around to look at antisemitism from perspectives of postcolonial contexts. To this end, we are hosting two online events. The speakers will each focus from different angles on the relationship between postcolonial societies and contemporary antisemitism. The first event covered the MENA region. The second event on December 10th 2021 will focus on South Africa.

The event will take place as part of the “Education and Action Weeks against Antisemitism 2021”